How Many Business Analysts Does It Take . . .

Some of my best friends are BPM-istas!  And evangelists-of-BPM as the second coming of application development.  I say bravo!  But then I have a few questions, such as . . .

1.       How many managers does it take to build a business process in BPM?  

“None.  Managers aren’t allowed to build a process in BPM.”

2.       So, how many developers does it take to build a business process in BPM?

“None.  Developers don’t know anything about business.”

3.       OK, then, what about business analysts?  How many business analysts does it take to build a half-decent business process in BPM?

“Bingo!  Only one!  But the process will never get built — because no one owns the process and besides, IT-side validation is too expensive . . . “

OK, my apologies to the managers, developers, business analysts, architects and executive sponsors who are all feeling maligned now!  I really do appreciate that so much has been achieved with BPM technology for real business results.

Step-by-step, that’s the order of the day!

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