Selling BPM Reveals Essence Of BPM

Below is a draft BPM sales pitch which is also an inventory of BPM concepts.  It's all about business motivation, and revealing the power of BPM.  Is this how you see BPM? If not, why not?

BPM Provides The Tools For The Job, Now

Business process management is about the technology of the work you do

For the first time in history, we have a technology that is explicitly about taking your vision about how your business operates, and building tools that directly make it possible to run your business, according to your vision

All other technology is really mostly about technology and bits and bytes and machines talking to machines. 

But business process technology is about building tools that help you and every member of your organization do their jobs better and faster. 

But not only faster.  Business process management technology also provides you with the ability to adapt and change your organization in record time.

With good BPM, you will always be leading the way in the best practices in your industry. 

You will survive and you will thrive insofar as your vision about your way of doing business is sound. 

Business process management technology is not just another technology. 

It is the technology about the work of business

Imagine how you can do your best work, and with business process management technology, you'll have the tools for the job!"

You can find the following concepts are all part of the pitch: "the work of business", "technology of work", ”business process technology”, "vision", "model", "survival", "adaptation", and both the “efficiency” and the “business model” business cases.

The pitch speaks directly to senior executives' vision of what they want and need to do to be successful. 

Executives' experience of working with IT has been often frustrating.  BPM technology promises something new, something never before offered by IT. 

This is the promise that a rational dream can be instantiated as the reality of organizational capability.

Put this way, and with the promise delivered by maturing and increasingly capable technology, the BPM pitch is irresistible.

And what about our inventory of BPM sales concepts?  If you've had a chance to read a few of Decision Models' other blog entries concerning BPM, you may have noted some of the themes addressed, especially where economics, modelling and work are concerned.

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