Product Camp Toronto 2010 -- "Fantastic Event Removes Mystery"

The Product Camp Toronto 2010 event is fantastic.  The Camp team has put together a superb event involving presenters and discussions that provide terrific insights into Product Management and Product Marketing Management.   Starting with Stephen Pollack's keynote, we've been taken through a non-trivial exploration of the art and science of translating vision into saleable product.  The world of product management is far removed from the popular conception of the "eureka moment" that is at the core of popular conceptions of the invention process.  Instead here today we have a tour of the "productization process".  Interestingly, this process is not new:  Thomas Edison's labs a hundred years ago were very much about the intersection of business, invention and productization process.  The productization process is just exactly that -- "a process".   The subject of today's discussion is "deliberate innovation".   That process is amenable to a combination of art and science, but that process is not "mysterious".